It has been as harsh as it has been sudden. Within the UK and around the world, the economic fallout of COVID-19 is being felt by millions of ordinary people, with many thousands more continuing to risk their lives to protect others.

Whilst government measures globally are proving effective in halting the spread of the virus, they come at additional costs, including financial hardship for families, pressures on relationships, loneliness and isolation.

Mothers Union is not immune to these impacts. The income we create from Mary Sumner House has been reduced drastically and we anticipate a shortfall of at least £1million during 2020.

To ensure Mothers’ Union at Mary Sumner House can remain open to continue to serve families, support communities and show God’s love, just as we have done for almost 150 years, we have launched an Urgent Appeal.

To find out about our work and resources in response to Covid-19 go to the Mothers’ Union UK website,