This year the Prayer Circle was delighted to welcome Rev Paul Hoey to lead an afternoon on Listening to God – Can we? How? What stops us?  It was our great privilege to have Rev Benjamin Kibara from the Diocese of Butere in Kenya present to share the afternoon with us.

We undertook a listening survey and together we explored the idea of “listening”. The general consensus being that the more open we are to practicing the presence of God, the more likely we are to follow His will instinctively in our lives.

Radio conversations punctuate each day and we can choose to tune in or tune out.  God is always there trying to speak to us and communicate with us. The more in tune we are to God, the closer we are to Him and more practiced we become in “listening” to God and the more open we become to fulfilling His purpose for us in life.

Jesus is our Shepherd and our supreme guidance comes from God through the scriptures.  A study of the “I am the good Shepherd” passage from John 10:2-5 and 14-16a was enlightening and revealing as we explored the depth of his words, realising that in appreciating the subtleties of God’s word we are led to greater appreciation of His authentic voice in our lives.

Our thanks to Rev Paul for an inspirational afternoon, and to Archdeacon Miller and Rev Katie McAteer who conducts the Healing Service on the fourth Sunday of each month in St. Peter’s Church, Culmore Rd, Derry at 4pm. Thanks also to all those in the Prayer Circle. Never underestimate the work you do as a little means a lot in trying circumstances. God bless you for your time, generosity and patience.