The annual Day of Refreshment took place on Saturday 9th April. The theme for the day was Absolutely Lovely and the speaker Mrs Kay Clarke. Members gathered in expectation and anticipation of an enjoyable day and they were not disappointed.

Opening her talk Kay told members of her daughter Kathy who takes her teddy bear with her wherever she goes. She related this to God who wants us to feel his love and grace with us at all times.

Kay posed the question to everyone “Who are you?” giving an example of how she sees herself, as a ministers wife and schoolteacher.

She went on to explain that we may have many ways of describing ourselves but only God knows who we really are. He calls us valuable, forgiven, friend of God, free, his, loved and chosen. If at times we have negative thoughts or feel worthless we must be open to change, understanding that we have worth and are chosen, loved and made in his own image.

Warning members that in today’s society we are influenced by the models, hairstyles and fashion in the magazines we read, she went on to say that these can cause damaging thoughts and actions. We must cling to the knowledge that we are chosen by God and our beauty and worth come from him. Therefore we are lovely in his eyes and should treat our bodies with respect and tender loving care, clearing all negative thoughts from our minds and grasping Gods appreciation of ourselves for who and what we are. We should strive for freedom with God, which is the most precious thing in life.

Kay emphasised that we are altogether worthy and precious to God. Just as the oil poured over the feet of Jesus, symbolising the Holy Spirit, had an aroma, so our lives should be so special to Christ that we fragrance all those around us. Because of the gift of his son, we are loved not rejected, and forgiven not guilty.

Members enjoyed making little gift boxes prepared by Kay into which a verse from the bible was placed. A Service of Holy Communion was conducted by Canon Harold Given, Mothers’ Union Chaplain assisted by Mrs Linda Hughes Diocesan Reader.

Drawing the day to a close Mrs Mary Good thanked Kay for a lovely talk and her encouragement to everyone over the years. Another enjoyable day of fellowship had come to an end and members left uplifted and inspired and feeling refreshed in the love of the Lord.