Building Hope and Confidence in Church Communities, focussing on Young Families

The aim of the competition is that each Mothers’ Union Branch will hold an event for young families in their parish/community which will strengthen relationships and promote Mothers’ Union.

The date of this event has been extended and should be submitted to the Diocesan President before Spring Council 2021.  The winner will be announced in Autumn 2021.

Your branch’s report of this event should be submitted in A4 booklet format and include the following sections:

Introduction  (maximum 300 words)

  • Why you chose this event, its aims/objectives and foreseeable outcome.
  • How it was chosen and planned for.
  • How it was publicised.
  • Any other relevant information


  • Include samples of any posters/invitations which were made and distributed.

The Event   (maximum 500 words)

  • Summarise the actual event including date, time, place and an outline of what happened.
  • Include some photographs of the event.

Conclusion   (maximum 300 words)

  • Evaluation: what went well; what could have been done better/ differently
  • Did you achieve your aim/other outcomes
  • Follow up events/ideas which have been planned or considered.
  • Any other relevant thoughts/reflections

Please try to take part in this competition as it reflects one of the aims of Mothers’ Union- to support family life. Look upon it as an opportunity to build relationships with young couples and children in your Parish and most importantly….have fun