Our 16 days of activism takes place from 25th November – 10th December. The Mothers’ Union is dedicated to supporting those affected by violence and abuse.

16 Days of Activism: 25th November – 10th December

Lord Jesus,

we pray for all to follow your example

of treating men, women and children

with equality and respect.


We pray for all who live

in fear of violence and despair that life will ever change.

Bring to an end their suffering;

restore their sense of worth.

We pray for those who perpetrate abuse

with no sense of guilt or shame.

Bring to justice their actions;

change their inner hearts.


We pray against regimes

that endorse violence.

Shatter their evil influence;

initiate a rule of decency.


Loving Lord,

we pray for a better world

where we may walk in the shoes of love, justice and peace.



Forgive us Lord when we hear neither your plea,

 nor the cries of your people.

Free us Lord from the fears that bind us,

 or from any sense of powerlessness.

Fill us Lord with your dream of a just world

 and the tenacity to keep going in playing our part,

in your name, Amen (Maggie Lunan)


Derry & Raphoe 16 Days Activities:

A 16 Days Breakfast is being hosted in the White Horse Hotel at 9.30am on Saturday, 24th November. 

The Souls of Our Shoes Exhibition will be on display in St. Columb’s Cathedral, from Saturday 24th November until Wednesday 28th November and in St. Eunan’ Cathedral, Raphoe on the 29th and 30th November.  Opening Hours: 10am – 4pm

A letter to politicians highlighting current challenges is available for the Derry area and the Raphoe area.