Hosted by Strabane Area Mothers’ Union

In 2020 Derry & Raphoe Trustee Board set each area a challenge to try ‘something different’ for our annual area service and certainly this was a very interesting evening hosted by Strabane branch.

The Passover Seder, which combined the Jewish tradition of the Hebrew celebration of exodus from Egypt and long years of slavery and our Christian beliefs, was brought to life with the retelling of each part of the journey.  Throughout the Passover Seder we moved through the 4 cups of wine (Shloer, in this case!) and the eating of unleavened bread, spices, sauces, herbs and lamb as in the Jewish tradition. This was followed by a very enjoyable buffet supper.

During the evening each branch was invited to tell the story of their MU Banner. We enjoy the banners at each area service and now we appreciate them more knowing the fascinating history behind each one of them.

The evening was well attended and included Bishop Forster, our Diocesan President, Jacqui Armstrong, our Chaplin, Rev Katie McAteer who led the prayers, and the parish rectors who accompanied each MU branch and participated in the Passover Seder, retelling the informative biblical context relating to each food involved in the Passover Seder. Music was provided by Andrew White and our evening ended in fun and laughter as Joan Stockitt, Donagheady MU, led us in a traditional Jewish dance.

Our thanks to June Robinson, Area Secretary, Strabane Branch Leader, Diane White and the local Branch teams who all played a part in this most stimulating and enjoyable evening.

Leckpatrick and Dunnnalong Mothers’ Union members at the Passover Seder with their banner.

The banner has 2 gold wedding bands, helping hands across the world, the cross representing our faith and redemption. It was made with material left over from the All-Ireland banner!